Maa Zhi Hong is only 22 years old and has achieved feats far beyond his age. He has written political commentaries for The Asia Times, Today Online, Nikkel Asian Review and many more. Some of his writings have been republished and translated in Chinese, Russian and Japanese. He has also been interviewed on CNA 93.8 and Today Online. He took part in an interschool speaking competition during his polytechnic days and came in fourth. He recently spoke at Queensway secondary school.

Zhi Hong came from an ordinary middle-class family and based on his personal experience, he believes one can change his circumstances with the correct attitude. 

Why me?

As a current affair freelance writer with leading newspapers of the region, he has proven himself to have the ability to provide high-quality insights into the political development of Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. For businesses looking for political consultancy, he is the right man for the job.

His humble upbringing to where he is today is deeply inspiring to many, he hopes to speak to more young people to inspire them to believe in themselves and fulfil their potential.